Vicki (daughter of a resident)
“This program to individualize the activities has had a very positive impact on the Alzheimer’s residents.  The atmosphere is calmer… People can do what they like on their own schedule.”


Jacob (grandson of a resident)
“These tools are simple and yet effective way to break communication barriers when you don’t know what to say”


Keith (son of a resident)
“This program should increase the cognitive ability of the residents. I am very enthusiastic about it.”


Judie, Unit Nurse
“Prior to having BBET we only had redirection, distraction or medication to help prevent and/or manage behaviors. Now we have specific activities for each individual to get them involved with. Since BBET, the residents are much calmer. It also has reduced a lot of medications for residents, and they sleep better at night because their days are more fulfilling with the BBETs.”


Tiara, Nursing Assistant
“BBET decreases anxiety in residents and gives them purposeful activities throughout the day. It also helps guide them in reminiscing and gives them a sense of purpose.”


Shelly, Nursing Assistant
“We’re able to facilitate family visits that have meaningful outcomes. The BBET therapies enable families to be involved in the activity with their loved one.”


Barbara, wife of a resident
“The activities prescribed as part of this therapy, are specific to the needs of that person. The specific behavior makes all the difference between agitation and calm, between fear and security. My husband can become anxious, but when the therapy is music on his portable CD player, he relaxes visibly. The scowl on his face becomes a smile. BBET has allowed me, as a loved one, to relax and smile as well.”


Javonni, daughter of a resident
“Since the BBET program began, my Mom seems happier and more content, which has resulted in more meaningful visits.”